Beaches of Chaleur Bay

Canada is not particularly renown for its beaches yet there are amazing specimens on the coast of New Brunswick to rival any other in the World.

When the French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in this large bay formed by the Saint-Laurent river estuary, he named it "La Baie des Chaleurs", because the water was "warmer than in Spain". It's worth noting that he sailed these waters in July. From November to March, the bay banks are almost entirely frozen! The Micmacs call it "Maoi Pogtapei" which means "the ultimate bay", a fitting name.

In the Summer, the water is indeed warm and there is little current so it is ideal for swimming, sea-kayaking and sunbathing but surfers would be disappointed. One of the nicest spots is Parlee Beach, which has all the amenities and infrastructures needed. There is a nice fishing spot 5 minutes from the beach at Pointe-du-ChĂȘne where you can catch mackerels (no need for a permit to fish in the sea).

Further North, the Bouctouche Dune is even more impressive. It is a 12 km long thin stretch of sand with a specific ecosystem. There is a wooden path over the marshes and exploration towers to admire this fragile environment.