The Banksy Tunnel

The Banksy Tunnel

The Banksy tunnel is an ever-evolving collaborative work of street art under Waterloo station. 

Between Leake street and Lower Marsh street, just under the train rails of Waterloo station, the tunnel is a bit hard to find but that adds to the adventure. It was first used by Banksy in 2008 during the Cans festival. The city of London then decided to turn it into an authorised graffiti area. All of Banksy's original works have now been covered as graffiti artists from all over the world, famous and amateurs, have come to add their mark on these walls and ceiling.

Locals love it and some pass through it everyday to check out the latest works of art in this open-air public museum. The smell of fresh spray paint is always around and it's frequent to stumble upon a few graffiti artists in action. 

I met Oneduse (bottom left picture) from Toulouse, France and Braz (bottom right picture) from Nîmes, France  working on their tags there. Oneduse is also a tattoo artist (check out his site at They came to London for a 3 days visit and their art is now part of London's culture... until it gets covered by someone else. It made me realise that graffiti is probably the least egotistic art form of all. 

I’ve always felt anyone with a paint can should have as much say in how our cities look as architects and ad men.
— Banksy

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