Figs & Ham Tartine

Figs & Ham Tartine

Autumn is a perfect time for figs. Here is an easy recipe with Mediterranean flavours.

Lunch /  Nuts free
Quantities: for 1
Preparation: 10 mn
Cooking: 0 mn 


  • 1 large slice of bread (ideally pitta or wrap)
  • 1 fig
  • 3 slices of cured ham
  • Garlic and herbs cheese spread (ideally goat cheese)
  • Rosemary
  • Pomegranate syrup

Make it: 

  • Cut the fig in thin slices and remove the fat from the ham.
  • Spread the cheese on the bread. 
  • Add the fig and ham slices, rosemary leaves and drops of pomegranate syrup.
  • Enjoy!